International Reach

The Foundation  facilitates domestic and international teacher exchanges with the objective of providing a global platform and exposure to the Indian teachers.

Trans Continental School Innovation Alliance – tGELF Study Program 

tGELF in partnership with TSIA (Trans Continental School Innovation Alliance) is currently collaborating on a school exchange program between schools in London and the Black Country in UK and schools in Delhi, Jaipur and Chennai in India for Head Teachers/Principals, lead practitioners, teachers and members of Governing bodies  in action research to enhance finding possible solutions in:

  • The Leadership of schools
  • Teaching
  • Best Learning Practices
  • Curriculum Development to implement the Action Research to an identified group of staff & students at the schools and where possible, engage students in the research of their own learning.
  • Sharing of information between the partner schools on a regular basis, personally as well as virtually
  • Dissemination of lessons learned between practitioners and national policy makers for an increased performance

The focus of the Program is on finding solutions to issues of mutual challenges lending itself to research, strategy and practice sharing and professional development that are the core areas for undertaking this partnership.

This is a 3 year program, which witnessed the exchange of Head Teachers and Principals from October 2011 to April 2012 to understand the education processes in both the countries along with identifying the commonalities as well as the challenges that would emerge in collaborative learning.  The second phase of the program is the teacher and lead practitioners exchange between the identified and paired schools which commenced in October 2012 and will culminate in April 2013. The program now looks at sharing learning and best practices through collaborative project work involving schools, students and teaching/learning practices. The program aims to culminate with a student exchange to seal the raised aspirations and confidence levels in the students of the 2 countries.

Global Leadership Program – The Practicum

tGELF launched the Practicum for final year Bachelors of Education students at Abu Dhabi Women’s College, UAE. The experiential program prepares these students as teachers who are ready to impart the right skills and values to the younger students.