Our curricula seek to cultivate values of ethics and altruism, life skills, and leadership among students – from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

tGELF has partnered with 3,000 schools across 14 countries and 16 states in India to deliver our leadership curricula through a network of 70,000 teachers to more than 3 million students. Our curricula have been translated in nine regional languages – English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, and Punjabi. Our curricula have been designed for students along their entire trajectory at school – from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

For students in Kindergarten through Grade 4: E3Cube Curriculum

E3Cube or Entertainment, Education, and Elevation is an experiential curriculum developed in partnership with Shrimad Divine Touch, Mumbai. It aims at laying the foundation of character building in children. It also brings young minds closer to universal values, helps develop their emotional quotient, and gives them the tools and skills to understand, acknowledge, and manage emotions, and social relations.

For students in Grade 5 through Grade 7: Wolf Dog Workshop

The Wolf Dog Workshop parallels the story writing and storytelling experience of the creator of an internationally award-winning animated short film called Wolf Dog Tales. This unique program helps students develop critical and creative thinking skills while helping them understand value systems. The program was introduced as a pilot on popular demand from tGELF member schools and was well received.

For students in Grade 8 through 12: SKILLD Curriculum

Our SKILLD or Skilling and Knowhow Initiative for Lifelong Leadership Development curriculum was developed with the help of leading Indian academics, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Columbia Teachers College. The curriculum focuses on eight constructs  – the concept of knowledge of leaders and leadership, skills as leaders and team members, skills as effective communicators, skills as critical and creative thinkers, attitudes and values of caring and inspirational leaders, general awareness, conflict resolution skills, and metacognitive and self-reflection skills.

Through our curricula, we aim to:

  • Develop well-rounded personalities in students;
  • Lay the foundations of leadership rooted in ethics, altruism, and a bias for action;
  • Encourage students to find innovative solutions to pressing social problems; and
  • Create a global mindset and encourage informed decision-making through practical problem solving exercises.