tGELF has partnered with the US based ‘Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’ (NFTE) and brought to its Member Schools a very unique opportunity to help their students to showcase their entrepreneurial mindset and business acumen through “Owning Your Future”.

The Entrepreneurship and Business Challenge programme ‘Owning Your Future’ is for High School students – To help them acquire an entrepreneurial mind –set and business start- up skills strengthened with analyzing market opportunity, market research & analysis for success in the 21st century. The Entrepreneurial curriculum was brought to India by tGELF and piloted in April this year with high school teachers across the country. The yearlong programme culminated in the business challenge called ‘Owning Your Future’.

The Course Curriculum is structured around four basic units of learning, each of which involves experiential activities: Opportunity Recognition and Business Structure, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Financial Information and Operations, and Marketing and Sales.

Career Readiness – Students acquire business, start up, and presentation skills, as well as entrepreneurial mind set skills essential for success in the 21st Century.

Engagements in Learning – Students see that their ideas and acquired skills address real needs and open doors to new opportunities.

Connection to Community – Using creation of a business plan as the final output, this course helps develop employability skills, academic knowledge and life-skills. Entrepreneurship classrooms are known for their project-based, experiential learning methodology that allows students to learn by doing.

This Challenge helps students innovate and create business opportunities through the plans submitted. During the Finale, selected school teams will showcase their work, pitch to a panel of expert judges, receive feedback and have the opportunity to progress to Regional and National Challenges.

In its pilot stage, the Entrepreneurship and Business Challenge programme has received an overwhelming response from our Member Schools. Though all the plans submitted have been very creative and innovative; to see the qualified Schools for the Challenge Finale being held on November 18th, 2017 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi; please click here.

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